VoxelChain is a proprietary voxel engine running in the browser
Real-time path traced lighting
Billions of voxels rendered in real-time
A wide range of post processing tools
Early Access
As a Patron you receive Early Access to the latest public build and directly fund the development of VoxelChain
Learn more about how VoxelChain works in the Documentation
Live Demos
Try these public demos created by users live in your browser!
- Which hardware does VoxelChain run on?
The minimum required hardware we're targeting is the NVIDIA GTX 1060 and the Apple M1
- What kind of simulation is VoxelChain?
We use GPU based cellular automata to simulate complex block behaviours
- Real-time path tracing in the browser, how?
We're using WebGPU and have spent a lot of time optimizing our rendering engine. We use a variety of custom and modern rendering algorithms